The Story.

The setting: Afghanistan's first democratic election--ever. In the aftermath of 9/11, America's military might has set the stage. But who will determine the fate of democracy in Afghanistan? “Vote for the mother,” Dr. Massouda Jalal shouts to the crowd.  FRONTRUNNER tells the heroic story of this medical doctor and mother of three.  As a children's advocate, she defied the murderous Taliban regime.  Now, she boldly runs for president -- the only woman in a field of 17 candidates. In a dramatic turn of events, she holds the fate of the country's first presidential election in her own hands. Amidst death threats and bomb attacks, Jalal doggedly campaigns from the back of a taxi, in mosques, in homes, in busy markets and in the streets. Her courage shows that it’s the dangerous work done by ordinary Afghans—women and men—that will determine the fate of a newly born democracy.

Afghans deserve to witness this important part of their history on film! Let's convince the new Afghan government to broadcast the film in Afghanistan, where it was effectively censored.  Please Like the FRONTRUNNER  & Jalal Foundation Facebook Pages, and watch the film to show support!

The Filmmakers. 

We call this photo the triple threat. From left to right, multiple Emmy-award winner Virginia Williams, FRONTRUNNER's Producer and Director, Susan Bryant and Halima Kazem Co-Producers. This film took over 6 years of hard work by many talented people, with the generous support of a few foundation and individuals who believed in the story…

​​Feature Documentary (:90)

Available Worldwide

10 Sept 2021: Returning soon to NETFLIX and Amazon! 

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The Protagonist.

Dr. Massouda Jalal, mother of three, medical doctor, two-time presidential candidate and former Minister of Women's Affairs for Afghanistan, is not your "average" Afghan woman, nor is she an "average" woman period!  What is she doing now? We're glad you asked…

"FRONTRUNNER is the story of a woman who took the first fragile promise of democracy in Afghanistan, and dared to run for President. Her story is irresistible. Her courage is contagious.   -- Gloria Steinem


Bill Crandall