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“Massouda’s candidacy is all about change.” –CNN

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This well-made film opens with a view of the Afghan countryside -a highway through a valley, camels, children, veiled women, a truck and some balloons. A transistor radio transmits the voice of a woman who says she wants "to see once again the Afghanistan of our youth, peaceful and free."

Film Festivals and Screenings

US Premiere Slamdance Film Festival, 2008
Int. Premiere, Cine Documental, Mexico, 2008
Official Selection (selected list):

Miami International Film Festival 

Jackson Hole Film Festival

Independent Film Festival Boston 

Tallgrass Film Festival 

UN Association Film Festival

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03.2014 - Written by FRONTRUNNER protagonist Dr. Massouda Jalal and Dr. Mario Silva: Hanging by a Thread: Afghan Women's Rights and Security Threats, on Amazon or Mosaic Press.

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